Plaza Family Band Releases New Album

I was proud to again assist the Plaza Family Band with the design of their newest CD, "Wee Jamboree".  This project, like last year's "Playground Hootenanny" release, is a fundraiser for Plaza Presbyterian Weekday School, the wonderful preschool attended by the children of these outstanding professional musicians.  Individually, they have impressive careers, and together as the Plaza Family Band, they have created another wonderful collection of well composed, well crafted and well performed traditional tunes.


For this second CD, I adapted the illustration created for "Playground Hootenanny" by artist (and parent) Raed Al-Rawi

The album was dedicated to my late sister, Cindy Sutton McInnes, a beloved teacher at the school who lost her young life to brain cancer this summer.  We were honored to have five of these generous and talented musicians perform breathtakingly beautiful music at her memorial service in August. [article about Cindy]