New Website: Wendy Bilas

We've just launched this fresh, new website for artist Wendy Bilas. Built on the Squarespace platform, Wendy's site has been updated with a clean, modern styling and has been designed so that she can easily maintain content herself.

It is a pleasure to work with an artist this talented, business-savvy, and tech-competent.

Website Refresh: Morris and Moffit, Inc.

The online world evolves quickly and every few years a refresh is needed to take advantage of new features and update styling to modern sensibilities. I recently worked with Morris and Moffitt, a restoration and renovation contractor, to refresh the site we created for them in 2013. 

We updated page layouts, added new content, redesigned header, and added a new slideshow to homepage. The company has enjoyed a lot of growth since they began (and launched initial website), and we were able to efficiently update their old site to reflect that growth.

New Website: Ashley Sellner

This new site for Charlotte artist Ashley Sellner provides a space for her to showcase her current painting works, as well as a portfolio for her commercial photography business.

The site features galleries for painting works and photography projects, as well as a blog. See Ashley's site here.