Shain Gallery: Connie Winters Show

After several years of sending only email invitations to promote art shows, Charlotte's Shain Gallery and artist Connie Winters opted to send a printed invitation to last week's opening reception.   Connie's business manager, Sharon Schwenk, shared with me that the response was terrific:

"Connie loved the Shain Show cards. And so did many other people. They had the biggest show night in a very long time. Their long time bartender told Connie that it was like the old days."

So maybe direct mail isn't dead, after all! 

Connie Winters show at Shain Gallery, 6" x 11" Postcard FrontConnie Winters show at Shain Gallery, 6" x 11" Postcard Back

Connie Winters Art Workshop Marketing

Charlotte area artist Connie Winters takes a group of students to Brantome, France, each year for a popular oil painting workshop.  I helped her and workshop manager Sharon Schwenk (also a talented artist) with this promotional postcard.

Connie Winters Workshop postcard, front

Connie Winters Workshop postcard, back