Avett Art Show Collateral

We enjoyed a very successful show with Scott Avett last month, entertaining hundreds of Avett fans and art lovers during the two days of our exhibition. 

Here is the program created for the event (a 6x11, 2-sided card on heavy stock), and the poster that marked the entrance to the exhibition space. Both recognized the contributions of our many generous sponsors.

One of our guests wrote this lovely summary of her experience Friday night. And Daniel deWit captured the beauty of the community spirit of this event in his video of our setup of the show.

(Daniel filmed this footage, wrote and recorded the music, and created this film all in one afternoon! Impressive, huh?  You can see another video he made about Scott Avett's art here.)

Scott Avett Letterpress Poster

I am honored to have designed a commemorative letterpress poster featuring a linocut self-portrait by Scott Avett for this week's exhibition, "The Paintings of Scott Avett: Exploring Story & Spirituality".

I worked with the fine folks at Crayton-Heritage Letterpress to produce this 16x20 poster on 100% Cotton Crate Lettra, and am beyond happy with the printing.  The posters will be sold at our Friday, Feb 24, 2012 fundraising event for The Educational Center, as well as at the public exhibition on Saturday, Feb 25, 10-4.

It was quite a treat to visit last week for a press check with the lovely, detail-oriented Jillian Long -- so cool to see the press in action.

Website: Scott Avett: ArtStorySpirit Fundraiser

It has been quite a treat to work with my friends at Empathinc. to plan an art show and fundraising event featuring artist Scott Avett

On Feb 24, 2012, Scott will speak about his art and spirituality at a private fundraising event for Educational Center and on Saturday, February 25 his work will be exhibited to the public.

Working on a limited edition commemorative poster featuring one of Scott's linocut self-portraits -- more on that soon!

More information on event can be found at artstoryspirit.com.