Art Email Marketing: Prudy Weaver

I just finished preparing another round of emails for artist client Prudy Weaver.  For a couple years now we have been sending new paintings with a brief description in a weekly email to her followers.  Mailchimp makes it easy to design and schedule emails in advance and auto-post them to Facebook.

Here's a peek at one of Prudy's recent emails.  She does beautiful work and some of the best that I have seen are coming up in the next few weeks' emails. You can subscribe to her list here.

Prudy Brott Weaver: Weekly Email Marketing

Linville Gallery Workshops Announced

More art gallery email marketing this week... This email announcement from The Linville Gallery promoted their upcoming art workshops with John Mac Kah, Connie Winters, Libby Smart and Carolyn Blalock.

I typically use Mailchimp for email campaigns but often work with Constant Contact or other platforms as the client's preferences require.

Art Newsletters

Art Clients, and Subscribers and Designer alike are loving the flurry of new email newsletters we are generating. It is such an easy, inexpensive way for an artist or gallery to share their latest works with their collectors.

A few of the latest:


For the record, I love  MailChimp for beautiful, easy, affordable emails!