Business Cards: Gwen Poth Communications

I am fortunate to have Rockstar-Public-Relations-Consultant Gwen Poth as a friend and frequent project partner.

A few years ago, we created this business card as temporary solution while we started a more elaborate branding discussion. Turns out, she loved it just the way it was.

Just reprinted another batch with her new office address.

Email Marketing: Red Dot Art Fair

Artist clients Anne Neilson and Robert Langford are headed to New York next week for the Red Dot Art Fair, part of Armory Week, when art enthusiasts from all over the world gather for a series of prestigious art shows. 

Our promotion of their presence there has included a great invitation (which will double as a brochure at the show), several other collateral pieces, a press effort (with the help of the talented and lovely Gwen Poth), and email marketing.

Here is an email we sent to the artists' mailing lists this week --