Dryden Design Build: TV Appearance, Updated Portfolio

Much of my last couple weeks has been spent pimping the family business, Dryden Design Build, run by my GC-husband and Designer-sister.  Michelle and Chris recently appeared on an episode of DIY Network's House Crashers as the local design-build team for a race-themed garage renovation. 

The show featured NASCAR drivers Kasey Kahne and Brad Sweet as guest stars, which was a treat for the race fans in our crew.  The show premiered last week on June 25 and will air again Saturday, June 30 at 5:30, and again several times July 7-9 during the network's annual "Crash Week".  See a fun trailer of the show here.

Small Screen Debut, courtesy of family members with much more comprensive cable offerings than we have here in Drydentown.Being an unfilmed extra and assisting with menial tasks throughout the 3-day filming was fun for me, and charming host Josh Temple was super sweet to the younger Drydens when I took the kids and cousins for a peek of the filming one night, sharing photos of his daughter and enough fart jokes to go down in history as the most hilarious TV Guy they have ever met.

In preparation for the few new eyeballs that might make their way to the DDB website this month, we made some overdue updates to the portfolio.  The lovely Tonya Price of Poprock Photography joined us this week to shoot a kitchen renovation project in South Charlotte (posted here) and we uploaded photos she took a couple months ago of a master bath renovation in Plaza Midwood (here).

Dryden Design Build Kitchen Renovation, photos by Poprock Photography

Also in the works is an ad in Charlotte Living Magazine and an article on the SavorNC Magazine blog.  More on those later.


Website: Andover Development

There's a beautiful spot on Providence Road near Cotswold and Myers Park where my clients have developed a great little cul-de-sac community of custom homes. Enlisted to help them market their available lots and some great home plans created by Architect Don Duffy, we have created this website and are working on new signage.

The site features a custom rendering by architectural illustrator Michelle Sutton of Dryden Design Build, a gallery of photos of the community, and prospective house plans by Don Duffy Architecture.

Andover Website

T-Shirt Design: CSRC Swim & Dive Team

We Drydens are proud supporters of the Charlotte Swim & Racquet Club Swim and Dive Team.  Dryden Design Build is a third-year sponsor of the team, our family contributes seven enthusiastic swimmers, and I have helped create the team t-shirt the last two seasons.

This team has something like a 28-meet winning streak, thanks to a huge bunch of dedicated swimmers, coaches, parent volunteers, and major team spirit!  I am happy to have outfitted those cool kids with a winning tshirt, modeled here by some funny-face-making Dryden kids.

Marketing Card: Dryden Design Build

Created for display and distribution at Dryden Design Build's Open House party, this flyer attempts to communicate DDB's work-model and convey the brand's personality -- competent, fun, and neighborly.

The card features illustrations by DDB Designer (and Stir Studios Illustrator) Michelle Sutton. 

Dryden Design Build Flyer (back/front) click for larger version of back

Open House Invitation: Dryden Design Build

To celebrate a newly-renovated home with an existing client and her friends, and to show it off to ours, Dryden Design Build is hosting an Open House at the home of a client that is sporting nearly 2000 additional square footage in her charming Chantilly house. 

DDB designer Michelle Sutton and contractor Chris Dryden transformed Heather's 1000ish sq ft bungalow into three stories of wondeful spaces. without sacrificing the old Chantilly personality.

Here is a printed postcard invitation that will be sent in addition to an email invite.   

Dryden Design Build Open House Invite:frontDryden Design Build Open House Invite: Back

The front-side image features a photo of a model-accurate birdhouse built as a gift for the homeowner by artisan and DDB handyman Paul Dryden.  He used construction plans and intimate details of finishes to create this life-like replica of Heather's house.  The cake in the foreground was sourced from the kitchen counter of the homeowner, a lucky leftover from a recent cake-eating celebration. 


Stadium Cup Artwork: Chantilly Spring Fling

As a sponsor for the Chantilly Neighborhood Association's Annual Spring Fling, Dryden Design Build supplied cups for the annual party.  I designed artwork for the event for one side, and used an illustration by DDB's talented designer Michelle Sutton for the backside.  We sourced Recycled/Recyclable, BPA Free, Made-in-the-USA cups from Blink Marketing. (Thanks, Carolina!)