Plaza Family Band

As I might have mentioned before, our preschool rocks!  But really, it does.

There is an amazingly talented bunch of parents congregated there, including a number of professional musicians.  Pushing swings on the playground together this fall, they concocted the notion of recording a childrens music CD together as a fundraiser for the preschool.  Within a few short months, the Plaza Family Band was formed and "Playground Hootenanny" was released.

Not being the slightest bit musical myself, my contribution to the all-volunteer effort included CD design (using a beautiful illustration by Plaza Dad Raed Al-Rawi) and promotion --  band website with blog feature, social media (customized twitter profile, facebook fan page), and public relations.

The Plaza Family Band has been getting a great response -- a jam-packed release party at the Pizza Peel last month, several write-ups in local papers and a performance scheduled for a new live local TV program, "Charlotte Today".   But, of course! The music is terrific and the story is even better.

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