Barn Quilts: Chantilly Montessori Gallery Crawl Project

Barn Quilts: Chantilly Montessori Gallery Crawl Project

One of my most favorite times of the year is the six weeks when I work with the children of Chantilly Montessori to prepare an art project for Chantilly's Annual Gallery Crawl. This fantastic cultural enrichment project pairs a parent-artist with each classroom to create original works of art to be displayed at a Gallery Crawl celebration. This year I worked with an Upper-Elementary class of 4th and 5th graders to create barn quilts. The Barn Quilt Trail  Movement began in 2001 ...

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New Website: Plaza Presbyterian Weekday School / Plaza Family Band

Near and dear to my heart is Plaza Presbyterian Weekday School and its resident musical-merry-makers, The Plaza Family Band.  We just launched one new website to replace one old site for the band and one very, very old site for the school.  We kept it simple but included functionality to sell PFB's fantastic children's music online, a blog for sharing news and resources with parents.

Chantilly Montessori: Quilling Project

As the sort of designer that spends days tap-tap-tapping at her laptop, I don't get (take) enough opportunities to actually MAKE art, which is why it is always a pleasure (and honor) to join the outstanding artist/parents at Chantilly Montessori School in our annual Gallery Crawl project.

Fifteen creative parents with experience in various disciplines each work with a classroom community for six week to generate an art project and present it at this group show, a lively reception accompanied by live performance of the Plaza Family Band.

For my project this year, I worked with Upper Elementary teachers Sarah Gayde and Liz Weber and their 4th and 5th grade students on a modern interpretation of the Renaissance-era art of Quilling. We studied current quilling artists and began curling 1/4" strands of paper into tiny coils that would become a series of individual butterflies and a 24" iteration of the school logo.

We were beyond excited to see our project take shape and I was continually floored by the creativity of these kids!


Chantilly Gallery Crawl: Student Art Project

The wonderful elementary school my children attend, Chantilly Montessori School, hosts an annual Gallery Crawl as part of thier cultural arts curriculum. The Gallery Crawl reception on March 17, 2011, was the culmination of six week projects each class completed with the guidance of parent artists. This year, I worked with 1st, 2nd and 3rd graders in Ms. Lisa Roden's class to create a series of collages inspired by the art and literature of Eric Carle. We created seven collages, each featuring a Charlotte landmark, and turned our art into a package of notecards. The children learned about the process of budgeting and pricing, designing and formatting our artwork as notecards, and marketing and packaging their product. We sold all of the cards we'd prepared at the Gallery Crawl event and took orders for 30 more sets, raising nearly $500 for the Humane Society of Charlotte (per vote by the class). Chantilly Notecards: featuring Charlotte landmarks, inspired by Eric Carle, benefiting the Humane SocietyMs Lisa Roden's Class, Chantilly Montessori, May 2011
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