Website: Empathinc.

This website saw many iterations in the last year and a half.  It saw lots of writing, designing, editing, redesigning, and reorganizing.  Many creative forces* weighed in, as I suppose it should be for for a company founded on the principal of collaboration.

And then, last month, with a big event to promote, we finally pulled the trigger, declaring "done enough!".

The new site was designed to bring the many efforts of Tom Schulz and Sheila Ennis under one electronic roof -- Tom's fine art and that of other artists, Sheila's educational workshops and seminars, Empathinc's Community Events (like the Scott Avett art show we planned last year), Tom's labyrinth and artistic concrete installations, and the writings of these two insightful, inspirational teachers/thinkers/philosophers ("empathinkers").  

Since launch, Sheila Ennis has been filling the blog page with near-daily doses of reflection, humor and beauty.  Check it out! 

*Credits are complicated with such a creative, collaborative crew, but contributers include: Sheila Ennis, Christine Dryden, Lisa Rubenson, Tom Schulz, and Daniel de Wit; with Mary Geitner and Mary de Wit assisting. 

Congratulations to Tom Schulz on the September dedication of his recent and stunning installation project, a sculptural Remembrance Wall constructed in partnership with Presbyterian Hospice at Novant's Presbyterian Hospital Jack Matney Memorial Labyrinth.  The dedication ceremony was jam-packed and the crowd awed by his beautiful work.