Open House Invitation: Dryden Design Build

To celebrate a newly-renovated home with an existing client and her friends, and to show it off to ours, Dryden Design Build is hosting an Open House at the home of a client that is sporting nearly 2000 additional square footage in her charming Chantilly house. 

DDB designer Michelle Sutton and contractor Chris Dryden transformed Heather's 1000ish sq ft bungalow into three stories of wondeful spaces. without sacrificing the old Chantilly personality.

Here is a printed postcard invitation that will be sent in addition to an email invite.   

Dryden Design Build Open House Invite:frontDryden Design Build Open House Invite: Back

The front-side image features a photo of a model-accurate birdhouse built as a gift for the homeowner by artisan and DDB handyman Paul Dryden.  He used construction plans and intimate details of finishes to create this life-like replica of Heather's house.  The cake in the foreground was sourced from the kitchen counter of the homeowner, a lucky leftover from a recent cake-eating celebration.